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A stroke is a type of cardiovascular disease and results from the disruption of adequate blood flow to the brain. The most common source of disruption is a significant narrowing or blockage of the carotid arteries caused by excessive accumulation of fatty plaque buildup along the artery walls. The carotid arteries are the main blood supply to the brain, and plaque buildup in these arteries is the leading cause of stroke.

HealthSmart Screening Services utilizes the latest ultrasound technology to provide images of the carotid arteries on both sides of your neck and measure the velocity of the blood flow through these vessels. This painless and non-invasive procedure is carried out by a licensed sonographer who applies an acoustic gel on your neck over your carotid arteries. A painless instrument called a transducer is then gently moved around your neck to visualize the inside of the carotid artery. A monitor displays the inside of the carotid artery and the rate of blood flow.

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